Dades Gorges

The Dades Gorges, located between Boumalne-Dades and M'semrir, are mythical and vivid, both in history and in altitude. This outstanding natural landscape was formed by the Oued Dades, which flows through the foothills of the High Atlas mountain. It also irrigates the various paradisiacal and charming valleys that flow south.

The Dades Gorges are 20 kilometers long and 200 to 500 meters deep. They offer amazing panoramas and continuous views of gorgeous ocher and red rocks, amazing different heights, and beautiful green valleys cultivated by hardworking farmers, well-known for their friendly welcome and famous hospitality.

Walk or rock, to each his/her own preference

The site is full of hiking sites and spots to be enjoyed carefully without limitation.

Hikers can walk along the calm roads leading to the valley’s center after driving through the mountains. The location is a wonderful calm haven full of gardens of almond, walnut, palm, and poplar trees that are extraordinarily blooming.

Thrill-seekers will find their delight in rough circuits, in the middle of cliffs over 200m high, and the opportunity to explore wild stone patterns that seemed to have been carefully carved on the rock.

Worth special mention is the Tamlat cliffs, where part of the walls is shaped like monkey “paws.” Because of their shape, some refer to them as the Atlas’ “brains.”

Dades gorges are included in a number of 4X4 trips, including the well-known Gorges — Gorges, a discovery that also includes Todgha Gorges.

An unusual road trips

The road that connects Dades gorges is worth exploring. This route provides an exceptional driving experience with its steep and colorful cliffs, full of gorgeous natural attractions.

At 2260m, the panorama provides magnificent views worth meditating and capturing. Because the landscape is breathtaking, one would want to stop at every turn. Fortunately, several rest stops have been set up along the way and provide all that one might need.

The unmissable time of sunset reveals the ultimate beauty of Dades gorges.

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Useful information

Did you know?

The Dades Gorges drive ends with one of the attraction’s most spectacular views, the Tisdrin pass. However, the road that runs alongside it, is one of the most twisty in the world. As a result, Cadillac filmed a segment of their ‘’Cadillac ATS Vs the World’’ promotional campaign in 2012. The production team, who are used to driving on dangerous roads, described the shooting as difficult and exhausting.

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