Jbel Saghro

Located south of Tinghir, Jbel Saghro is the eastern and driest part of the Anti-Atlas. The volcanic massif's magnificence tops a mountain series of over 2000m high that dominates the Valley of Roses, the Dades Gorges, and the Draa Valley. It is well distinguished with its spurs and pitons, evocative of Arizona's Monument Valley, despite their difference in size.

Therefore, the Jbel Saghro provides an appealing site in the middle of a magnificent and lunar-like environment for hikers and trekkers.

A rough landscape

The Jbel Saghro massif looks like a ruined landscape composed of flat reliefs, rocky hills, volcanic spines, and basalt peaks. Forms created by lava flows and released by erosion reveal stunning scenery. A few palm trees, oleanders, and junipers are all over the huge plateaus, bringing out wonderful colors around.

The view from the rocky mountain’s summit is spectacular, extending all the way to the snow-white barrier of Ighil M’Goun.

Jbel Saghro has other magnificent wonders. These include the Tagadilt Valley, a natural haven for many bird species, including the Anlif’s fossil site, and the spectacular “route of the thousand kasbahs,” a mythical Moroccan architectural treasure that extends from Ouarzazate to Tinjdad and borders the mountain to the north.

Treks for everyone

Due to the mountain’s location, explorers have access to several climbing and hiking trails. The typical ones begin on the southern slope at Tagedilt and N’Kob and end on the northern slope to Kelaat M’Gouna.  On the other hand, the more adventurous might choose the risky trail that starts from Alnif and passes through Bougafer mountain to Ikniouen. This line goes by the mountain’s highest summit: Jbel Amalou n’Mansour, at 2712m high.

It is necessary to properly prepare for hikes and bring all necessary equipment. That is why it is strongly encouraged to consider a regionally licensed guide.

Saghro is best visited in the spring and late fall seasons. The mountain can also be visited in the winter, a season distinguished by high-temperature changes. In the summer, though, the temperatures are unbearable.

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Useful information

Did you know?

Jbel Saghro is the stronghold of the Ait Atta tribe. It has witnessed one of the fiercest and most daring battles against the French colonial occupation in the thirties, particularly the Battle of Bougafer on March 25, 1933, following the signature of the Protectorate Treaty in March 1912.

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