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The region has a total area of 88,975km2, which makes it Morocco's largest border territory.
Errachidia (regional capital), Ouarzazate, Tinghir, Midelt, Zagora, Arfoud, Rissani, Goulmima ...
There are 5 provinces in the Draa-Tafilalet Region: Errachidia, Ouarzazate, Tinghir, Zagora and Midelt. They are divided into 125 municipalities, 16 of which are urban.
Regulations require a valid passport and a visa if the country of origin is not exempt. It is also necessary to respect the health regulations related to COVID-19.
The Council of the Region, The Wilaya of the Region, the Provincial Councils, The Municipalities and Communes.
The Region has three airports, a significant road network, and is well-connected to the rest of the Kingdom's regions. All roads lead to Draa-Tafilalet, whether up in the air or by land.
The 1000 Kasbahs Road will take you on the National Road N10 through Tinghir. The journey can be done by car, bus, or grand taxi.
It is warm during the day, especially in the southern part of the Region. At night the weather is cold.
Yes, it is very hot. However, the weather in Midelt is cooler. Hikes are in full swing!
Religious sites, infrastructure and official buildings. You should also avoid photographing anyone without them knowing.
Before you enter a room, you must take off your shoes. After the meal is served, you must wait for the family's father to say Bismillah.
It is imperative to refuse. You could risk prison if the package includes illegal material.
Ministries, offices, high commissions, administrations…, or by calling 160.
For the city police, dial 19. For the Royal Gendarmerie, dial 177.
Throne Day on July 30, Independence Day on November 18, HM King Mohammed VI's Birthday on August 21 ...
The CRT manages tourist product promotion programs at the regional level. It is composed of tourist professionals, competent institutions, and supervisory administrations.
You must submit a request to the CRT Members' service, highlighting the main aspects of your professional profile. Membership is reserved for professionals who work in the field of tourism, for a predetermined fee.
If the project is for industrial use (video, documentary, advertising, etc.), you will need permission from the CCM. You'll also need approval from the local authorities.
After obtaining the relevant authorization, the location must be selected. The Palace of Congress is ideal for large gatherings. CCISDT or a hotel can also provide the service.
You should contact the CRI Draa-Tafilelt, who will assist you in your procedures and will make the process easier for you. The council also provides training and support during the funding research process.

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