The Economy

The Draa-Tafilalet Region's economy is built on three pillars: agriculture, sustainable energy and mining, tourism, and cultural industry. In modern economy, human resources are a driving force. Draa-Tafilalet, in short, enjoys geographical and natural homogeneity and aspires to be a source of inspiration in a variety of ways.

The agriculture

Dates in the oases, apples in Midelt, and roses in Kelaat M’Gouna are the main economic products. Other local products, like saffron, cumin, henna, almond, and medicinal plants, are becoming increasingly popular.

Sustainable energy and mining

The region is home to one of the world’s largest solar power stations, Noor Ouarzazate. This massive technological project will soon be joined by other stations: Noor Midelt, Noor Tafilalet Erfoud, and Noor Tafilalet Zagora.

The mining industry is also a significant component of the region’s economic fabric. The soil of Draa-Tafilalet is rich in mining goods such as gold, copper, barite, silver, manganese, cobalt, iron oxide, marble, lead, zinc, antimony, industrial sand, and so on.

Tourisme and Cultural industry

The region is rich in tourist potential with an unrivaled geographical location, a nature that is as diverse as it is rich, a magnificent past, hospitable human capital, and unique architectural and intangible treasures. These are all assets that contribute to its prime tourism vocation.

The filmmaking industry has become one of the regional economy’s vectors, with direct and indirect effects on employment, services, and commerce. Indeed, this industry generates jobs for technicians and extras while also stimulating connected services (accommodation, catering, transport, equipment, etc.).

Trade, a longstanding activity in the region, contributes in all ways to these three spheres. It is witnessing strong growth once again, due to the development of local products and the promotion of handicrafts.

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