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Formalités et procédures pour les visiteurs internationaux

Formalities and procedures for international visitors

Moroccan entry restrictions state that any foreigner wishing to visit Morocco must have a passport or another valid document recognized by the Moroccan State as a travel document (Law no. 02-03 of 11 November 2003, related to the admission and stay of foreigners in Morocco):

  • Foreign citizens from countries where visas are required must have their travel documents accompanied by visas granted by the Moroccan authorities.
  • For visa-exempt foreigners, the stay in Morocco for tourism purposes is limited to three months, and for those who are not, it is limited to the period of the visa’s validity.
  • If a foreigner desires to extend his/her stay in Moroccan territory beyond the validity length of the visa or the three months, he/she must “seek authorization from the competent Moroccan government (General Directorate of National Security) to avoid being in an irregular position.
  • In this case, a foreigner who intends to engage in a paid professional activity may apply for a registration card.

Entry requirements to Morocco

For foreign citizens whose home nations are exempt from visa requirements

  • Foreign citizens arriving or landing in Morocco as part of an organized trip must have a valid passport for at least the duration of their stay in Morocco.
  • For foreign citizens landing or arriving in Morocco as an individual, couple, or group: passports or any other valid document recognized by the Moroccan Government as a travel document must be provided.
  • The following countries are currently exempt from the Morocco Visa formality:

For internationals whose home countries require a visa

  • According to the law, foreign citizens whose countries are subject to visa formalities must accompany their travel documents with the visas required for entry into Morocco, issued by Moroccan authorities.
  • Foreigners subject to this formality are awarded visas after paying the required costs.
  • Tourist visa or other visa applications for ordinary passport holders must be submitted to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in their country. For more information:

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