Craft Workshops Discovery

Craft Workshops Discovery

Craftsmanship is a reference of significant ancestral expertise throughout Draa Tafilalet and Morocco. It proclaims loud and clear the diversity of the cultural heritage. Thousands of years old, but still vivid, artisanal art in all of its forms is passed down from generation to generation, never fails to amaze the entire world.

Not in the bazaars and galleries, how about discovering this treasure from a different perspective? During hikes and trips in the region, it is possible and strongly advised to visit workshops, some of which are centuries old but are all magical. In a unique meditative atmosphere, the skillful hands turn centuries-old objects into exclusive pieces of art.

Sensory experience and didactic discovery

A visit to the craft workshops will allow you to stimulate your senses and explore a world where work and creativity coexist.

The magnificent Kharita and Chedwi rugs are handcrafted by craftswomen in Ouarzazate and its surroundings, particularly in the workshops of Taznakht and Ait Ouazguite. In the middle of looms, spinning wheels, and piles of wool, you will discover how each rug becomes a unique specimen that, above all, displays the weaver’s sensitivity and expertise. The same can be said for Midelt, which is home to the Andaz Nouska cooperative, which is known for producing the best carpets and embroidery in the Eastern High Atlas.

Visit the workshops where the magnificent bellows, Tinghir’s city symbol. Multidisciplinary craftsmen cut and then assemble pieces of various materials to create a beautiful, yet functional tool.

Pottery is one of the most common forms of craft in the region. It is found in Tamegroute, which is famous for its green pottery, in the potters’ villages of Gueddara in Skoura, and Tadigouste in Goulmima.  Each workshop uses a distinctive procedure, giving the products a distinct charm and uniqueness. In Erfoud, on the other hand, fossil craftsmanship dominates. Several workshops turn marble slabs with various sorts of fossils into beautiful pieces of various sizes. There are also Azlag’s workshops, where the resounding smashes of hammers and pikes create the legendary curved silver daggers.

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Did you know?

The weekly souks are also a great place to find transitory workshops that come to meet the Souwakas to fulfill their demands. The farriers, shoemakers, and blacksmiths remain the most iconic. Their sound effects are mixed in with the different sounds of the Souk, creating an unusual symphony that adds to the attractiveness of these places.

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