The culinary specialties of Tinghir

The culinary specialties of Tinghir

In addition to the famous Moroccan specialties available in all the restaurants and guest houses such as the 7 vegetables couscous, the pastilla, the chicken tajine with lemon and the lamb tajine with prunes... Tinghir offers some new specialties such as Ifnouzen; a typical dish of the region of Tinghir and Dades which is also found in Midelt and Ouarzazate. This alfalfa couscous is cooked simply with leeks, spices and olive oil. It is a dish that is served to visitors upon their arrival. It can be tasted at the inhabitant's home.

TAJINE TERFAS : Zoubaïdi or ezzabdi or terfess or terfez, this rare desert mushroom, growing in parts of Morocco, especially in the southeast and the Sahara, is very popular, is similar to white gold. Growing between November and April and harvested between March and May, is an ingredient of choice for the composition of Tajine Terfas Tinghir. Deriving from the rich Moroccan Jewish culinary heritage (a traditional recipe of Moroccan Jewish families, especially to celebrate Pesach, one of the most important holidays in the Jewish religion) this dish based on truffles and beef is very well known in the region and is the pride of the local cuisine. The meat is also known for its exceptional culinary qualities and its medicinal properties, thanks to its richness in antioxidants. The tajine is served upon request in Tinghir restaurants.

IFNOUZEN : “Ifnouzen” or “couscous with alfalfa”, is an ancestral Amazigh gastronomic specialty, appreciated by the inhabitants of the southern regions of Morocco, as well as by its visitors, reputed as a winter dish par excellence. Thanks to its components and nutritional virtues, Ifnouzen provides the body with energy and warmth, to ward off the cold that prevails in winter in the region. Based in its preparation on local products: alfalfa (a chopped grass incorporated into the couscous before the final steaming with various condiments), olive oil, wheat, barley and corn, leeks, this dish is prepared by the inhabitants of the region for centuries, and is a favorite dish to welcome guests on their arrival at the home.


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