7 dishes you should try in Errachidia

7 dishes you should try in Errachidia

The culinary art of the province of Errachidia draws on local agricultural products and is often based on meats. Cattle breeding helps because it is widely practiced by nomads in the valleys and the desert of Tafilalet.

Medfouna : this stuffed bread with a mixture of small cubes of meat, hard-boiled eggs, almonds, onions and spices (salt, cumin, ginger and sometimes chili) originates from the town of Rissani near Erfoud. It is available to order from the butcher in the town’s popular souk, where you can choose the cut of meat you prefer. A young boy takes the ingredients by bicycle to the local oven and returns an hour later with the hot stuffed bread packed in a box and ready to be eaten.

Stuffed pigeons : this is one of the most requested dishes by tourists and visitors of Drâa Tafilalet. These stuffed pigeons with meat or vegetables and vermicelli require a fairly long preparation time. It takes 4 hours before you can taste this refined dish reserved for special occasions. The pigeons are raised in a traditional way by the inhabitants.

Harira Warguia or Moroccan arugula soup : usually prepared by the poor inhabitants of the Ksours of Grand Tafilalet, this soup is cooked with arugula, turnip, meat and spices. It is the equivalent of the Aassida with corn semolina, a nutritious soup known to the Berbers of Souss and the Atlas Mountains.

Dromedary meat tagine with dates : this festive dish is available in the desert areas more in summer than in winter, driven by higher demand and more frequent slaughter. A male camel can give up to 200 kg of meat prepared at the time of slaughter because it cannot be kept in the freezer.

Mechoui : prepared with a whole goat or a lamb, the Sahrawi mechoui requires 3 to 4 hours of cooking in the traditional clay oven (Koucha). It is placed in the walls of the oven which is heated with wood and palm leaves.

Tafernout Bread : This bread, found throughout the southern region, is baked either in the traditional oven ( koucha ) or in the hot sand at 50°. The latter is heated with wood and hot stones.

Tajine of Okra (Mloukhia ) : This tajine of beef or lamb is seasoned essentially with okra. This exotic vegetable known in North Africa and the middle East comes after cooking with a viscous and gelatinous texture. Nutritious and tasty dish, the tagine of okra is available in spring summer because of the requirements of culture of the vegetable.


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