The Seasons

Spring / Summer

Yes, the stereotype is correct: summers in Draa-Tafilelt are extremely hot. The southern zone of the region is dominated by semi-desert and Saharan climates, which impose a long summer with high records of 48° in July and August. The gusts, as they are known, frequently approach 55 km/h and transport a dry and sandy Chergui. From June to September, it is best to head north to Midelt, located in the northern portion of the Region. Summer is cooler here, between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas, with temperatures rarely exceeding 32 degrees. As a result, you can hike in the Tatiouine valley or camp near the Isli and Tislit lakes.

Spring is cooler in the region. The months of March to May are great for traveling the route of the 1000 Kasbahs and visiting the gorges and passes. During this time, the Valley of Roses puts on its most beautiful gown and the fields of the Valley of Ziz play the same game. It is also the perfect season for climbs and treks, particularly in Jbel Saghro, Jbel Ayachi, and Iriki National Park.

Advice :

  • Summer is a favorite time of the year for cold-blooded animals. Keep an eye out for snakes and scorpions.
  • If you are in the southern part of the region during the summer (Errachidia, Ouarzazate, Tinghir, and Zagora), avoid long sun exposure and stay hydrated.
  • Temperature differences between day and night might be significant.
  • Preparation of mid-season clothing and a scarf is a must.
  • Before going on hikes, check the weather forecast first.

Automne / Winter

Winters in the southern part of the Region are short, scorching, and delightfully warm during the day. The temperature drops in the evening. The average temperature rarely falls below 15 degrees. The weather is normally dry, and the sun is shining brightly.

Hiking, exploring the spectacular dunes of Chgaga and Merzouga, and learning about the region’s architectural heritage are all enjoyable activities. In Midelt, the peaks are covered in a dazzling white, and the valleys are submerged in an incredible silence. A perfect time for off-piste alpine skiing and exploring Jbel Ayachi’s peaks.

The weather in the fall is more likely like spring, and it is usually moderate. It is distinguished by high winds and few rainfalls.

Severe weather and lightning storms occasionally occur in the region. This then fills the main wadi beds, which frequently overflow in some rural communes.

Advice :

  • Bring UV glasses, caps, and capes on treks and hikes. Even during winter, the sun shines brightly.
  • It’s freezing in the evening! Consider wearing warm clothing and use heating.
  • Watch for landslides on roads and in villages.
  • Keep an eye out for wolves and wild boars as you explore Midelt’s mountains and valleys.

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