The Ancestral Art of Gastronomy in Draa-Tafilalet

The Ancestral Art of Gastronomy in Draa-Tafilalet

Because of its geographical location, Draa Tafilalet has merged with several civilizations over the years, from which it has inherited many elements. The Region, located at the gates of the Great Sahara, is also equipped with an undeniably harsh nature, but it is rich in distinctive and exquisite local products. As a result of these conditions, a culinary art that skillfully mixes colors and tastes has emerged, defining Draa Tafilalet as a gastronomic region.

During your visit to the Region, you will be able to satisfy your taste buds with exquisite and original foods prepared according to ancestral recipes.

Everyday dishes

Soups and purees are on the menu every day. Modest but delicious, they are prepared from barley, turnips, semolina, or even chickpeas and split peas. Tarawayt mash, Goujtem soup, Ahrir n’Talffine, Afrass soup, and the delicious Talkhcha are just a few examples.

The region is also known for its couscouses, such as Ifnouzn’s made with alfalfa sprouts, or the legendary Baddaz made from cornmeal. Not to forget the delicious and satisfying Medfouna, a bread stuffed with meat, hard-boiled eggs, almonds, onions, and spices.

You will have the opportunity to live an exceptional olfactory experience if you choose to spend your trips at a guesthouse. Each dish will fill your senses with delicious smells that will whet your appetite.

Bread occupies an important place in Draa-Tafilalet meals. It is served with the traditional breakfast, tagines, and various méchouis. You will be served oven-baked Taddart, Tafernout, and Habbaz baked with hot stones, as well as Ramla bread baked on the sand. There are also additional types, such as the crispy Chtatou, Tourbisste stuffed with S’men, and the huge Abbadir from Midelt, which its diameter can reach over a meter.

Special occasions feasts


You just need to attend a feast to witness the worldwide known hospitality of Draa-Tafilalet’s people. Here are some foods that you will enjoy during festivals, Moussems, and celebrations:

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Did you know?

The legendary Sahrawi tea is an unmissable ritual to be mentioned. Introduced to nomadic tribes at the end of the nineteenth century, Tea has evolved into a communication ritual that was primarily reserved for tribal leaders. It was thereafter taken up by the women to bring together young ladies and men who intend to marry. The tea is processed in stages before being boiled over low heat. It is distinguished by its foam and strong flavor and is consumed as a digestive or an appetizer.

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