Top 4 most popular foods in Midelt

Top 4 most popular foods in Midelt

The province of midelt is famous for its apples all over Morocco. That is why it is used in various dishes.

Tagine of goat meat with candied apples : This speciality of the province of Midelt is prepared with a green apple that is quite acidic and abundant in the region. This tagine is served in guest houses and in the homes of the inhabitants of the province.
Abadir bread : This large bread of one meter in diameter without yeast that is found specifically in Imilchil is baked on heated stones without ashes. It is then covered with ash and plants (mugwort) that burn for an hour. The same operation is repeated on the other side. This bread
can be kept for up to a week and feed 40 people.
Couscous of soft wheat : This couscous prepared with soft wheat semolina is native to Midelt but also to the oases of Tafilalet ( Boutenfite, Tizgaghine and Tighfert ). It should be steamed at least twice for twenty minutes, and combined with legumes, meat and vegetables. It can also be
eaten alone, flavored or plain, hot or cold.
Tajine of Trout : Originating from Midelt, this tajine is prepared with Atlas trout accompanied by potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, olives and lemon wedges or perhaps only accompanied by onions, grapes and dried fruits and slightly sweetened with honey.


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