Tinghir in the heart of 1000 Kasbahs

Cultural crossroads, climbers' paradise, green havens. Three attractions that give a glimpse of what the Province of Tinghir conceals as treasures and attractions. Located in the continuity of the corridor between Anti and High Atlas, the Province is small by its surface but big by its assets and history. World famous for its gorges carved by the eponymous Todgha and Dades wadis, the Province also offers the opportunity to discover an age-old architectural art, by exploring its valleys and palm groves full of kasbahs and ksour. Without forgetting the two most precious treasures of all, its welcoming population and its unequalled authentic culture.

Unmissable places

Todgha Gorges
Todgha Gorges

Tinghir is a fifty-kilometer-long oasis, and its most spectacular part […]

The Valley of Roses
The Valley of Roses

The M’Goun Valley, often known as the Valley of Roses, […]

The Azlag Daggers
The Azlag Daggers

For several centuries, artisans in Azlag douar, next to Kelaat […]

Jbel Saghro
Jbel Saghro

Located south of Tinghir, Jbel Saghro is the eastern and […]

Ighil M’Goun
Ighil M’Goun

Ighil M’Goun belongs to the unique mountain massifs higher than […]

Dades Gorges
Dades Gorges

The Dades Gorges, located between Boumalne-Dades and M’semrir, are mythical […]

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Customs and traditions

Service providers

Kasbah Tassaroute

Ait Khyar Kelaat M’gouna
Le Mont Mgoun

Boutaghrar – Kelaat M’gouna
Ksar Kaissar

Km 2 Route Boumal Dades Kelaat M'gouna 05
La perle de dades

Souk El Khmis Ait Moujbar 0524.85.05.48 / 0677.78.10.75
Dar Jnan Tiouira

Ait Idir Jbel Soufla.-Boumalene Dades- 0667.35.18.60
La Jeanne

Douar Slilou Boumalen Dades Tinghir
Kasbah Du Dades Chems

Centre De Boumalen 0524.83.00.41

Centre De Boumalen 0524.83.06.90

Boutaghrar Kelaat M’gouna 05.24 83.09.25
Roses M’gouna

Centre De Kelaat M’gouna 0524.83.63.36

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