The Azlag Daggers

A silver legacy

For several centuries, artisans in Azlag douar, next to Kelaat M'Gouna, have passed down the skills of the worldwide known carved daggers. Distinguished by its curved shape, the Azlag dagger is a sign of individuality, pride, and beauty. Previously used as a weapon, it is now a must-have male accessory in the region, as well as an essential part of the costumes worn during Ahwach, Ahidous, and Tbourida dances (fantasia).

A silver legacy

The secret of making these daggers was transmitted to the craftsmen of Douar Azlag by their Jewish neighbors who lived in the nearby kasbahs and oasis.

The dagger has been created for generations. It is made of a steel blade topped with a wooden handle made of poplar or apricot, cedar, or even camel bone, as well as a beautifully handcrafted silver scabbard decorated with carved patterns. It is also worth mentioning the colorful woven shoulder strap, which is decorated with beautiful stones like Loubane.

The Azlag dagger, a true work of local handicraft, is the ideal gift to give.

A special skill

To protect this regional icon, the artisans of Azlag teamed together in 1983 to create the Azlag Dagger Cooperative, located in Kelaat M’Gouna.  Visitors can watch the artisans who work in the interior courtyard, discovering beautiful items of exceptional quality, available for sale on-site in various sizes.

Members of the cooperative are true artisans who are happy to tell their story and feel responsible to transmit this craft to future generations.

Due to the efforts of the cooperative fighting for the promotion of this craft for the last thirty years, Azlag daggers are now available for sale in various cities all around the kingdom.

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Useful information

Did you know?

The curved shape of the scabbard, hence the dagger, is not only beautiful but also practical. The dagger, which was traditionally worn over the shoulder, had a form that allowed it to be quickly drawn when needed.  It was enough to hold the dagger’s handle and wedging the curved scabbard at the crotch, leaving the second hand free to release the dagger.

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