The Dunes of Chgaga

The Dunes of Chgaga

Around 50 kilometers west of M'Hamid El Ghizlane, the Erg Chgaga dune mountain stands. It is made up of fields of dunes that are spread over 600m2, some of which rise to 70m high.

The Dunes of Chgaga

Known as the Dunes of Chgaga, they are only accessible by 4X4, camel, or foot. Therefore, Erg Chgaga attracts fewer tourists than Erg Chebbi, which is home to the Merzouga sand dunes. Visitors will experience a different setting in one of the region’s wildest areas thanks to the protected and unpopulated land.

Raw beauty

Despite the stunning views, the journey from M’Hamid El Ghizlane to the dunes of Chgaga is risky and difficult to handle. Once arrived, you will discover a spectacular site that compensates for the hard journey.

The Chgaga Dunes extend for 40 kilometers/360 degrees. The sand in the dunes shines like a mirage under the sun, creating a breathtaking panorama perfect for incredible pictures. A quiet silence awaits you in the middle of the dunes, where gold and blue are the only colors!

When night falls, the landscape changes. An endless number of stars light the sky, blending with the dunes’ shadows to create a fantastic atmosphere. It is the ideal location for gatherings, campfires, and unforgettable moments. The adventure ends with the dawn, leaving a lasting good impression.

During this adventure, you must be accompanied by a professional local guide. There are several organizers in Zagora and M’Hamid El Ghizlane. Consider asking them for updates and booking your camping and trips ahead of time.

Hiking, camel rides, 4X4 tours, massages and sand baths, folklore shows, local gastronomy, and even sandboarding sessions are all part of the Chgaga Dunes experience. All of these sporting and cultural events must be experienced there.

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Did you know?

The Great Sahara runs from west to east through Africa. It extends for over 5000 kilometers from the Atlantic to the Red Sea, passing through Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Egypt. Contrary to a popular belief, the Ergs, or sand deserts, occupy just 20% of the surface of the Great Sahara. The remaining 80% is made up of mountains, rocky plateaus known as Hamadas, and regs (stone deserts).

In addition to Chgaga and Chebbi, Morocco has a number of tiny Ergs. Some of them are Znagui, Smar, Ezzahar, Lihoudi, Azefal, Mghiti.

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