Aït Ouazik’s Engraving Rocks

Prehistory remains

Ait Ouazik is one of Morocco's most significant and appealing archaeological sites. It is located 120 kilometers from Zagora and 20 kilometers from the village of Tazarine. The place takes back in time to when the green savannah was all over the place. The engravings there are authentic and mysterious, dating back to the end of the Neolithic (6000 years BC).

Prehistory remains

Thousands of slabs cover hectares of land at Ait Ouazik. Delicate to make, they are often well-shaped engravings created by slits or fine polishing of the rock. Elephants, antelopes, rhinoceroses, giraffes, and felids represent the wildlife of the time. Its location on a riverbank, evidence of the use of tools, its numerous engravings, and indications of agricultural techniques testify to the advancement of the site at the time.

A magical site

For a wild experience, you should visit the site, which is located on a hill. To get there, follow an open but winding path through the canyon where the river used to flow through the region. A knowledgeable and qualified guide there will provide detailed explanations of the engravings.

The archaeological site is best visited as part of a larger adventure trip to the region, which also includes great sites such as Zaalou Oasis.

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Did you know?

Morocco’s prehistory starts approximately one million years ago and ended with the first writings left by the Roman empire at the end of the first millennium BC.

Jbel Irhoud site, near Safi, holds the oldest known Homo sapiens fossils in the world. Morocco also has the oldest known human ornaments: Nassarius shells pierced and ocherized to form a necklace. The 82,000-year-old ornaments were discovered in the famous Pigeon Cave in Tafoughalt, near Berkane.

The Draa-Tafilalet Region has a lot of other sites, and Ait Ouazik is surrounded by many (Ouaouglout, Tamesahelt, and Anou N’Oumerzemlal).

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