Ksar el Khorbat

Ksar El Khorbat is located in the lower valley of Todgha, 50 kilometers east of Tinghir. Registered in the region's eco-tourism initiative, the old Ksar is now a tourist attraction with high potential. A part of the Ksar has been transformed into a museum, artisan studios, and a lodge that provides a one-of-a-kind experience: sleeping in bedrooms that have been cleverly blended into the real Ksar.

Aside from its socio-economic role, the initiative intends to use ecotourism to preserve the architectural and historical legacy symbolized by the Kasbahs.

A unique experience

The village has a unique lodging of its kind. Made up of four beautifully restored houses, the lodging has ten rooms, a pool, and relaxation and dining areas. All in an extremely clean and nicely arranged atmosphere. An out-of-the-ordinary lodge that promotes sustainable tourism while respecting the natural environment and local customs.

The village also has the Oasis Museum, which honors the local culture. It displays antiques and daily objects, picture collections, themed maps, historic plans and sketches, and works of art. The workshops are also worth a visit, where you can meet artisans and purchase unique products at reasonable costs. You may also put henna on your hands, following the local culture.

Discovery enthusiasts can explore Ferkla Oasis on foot or by mountain bike (VTT). The Ksar El Khorbat is also the ideal starting point for trips to several mythical places in the region: Todgha Gorges, Aghbalou n’Kerdous, Ghris Valley, and the Lalla Mimouna spring…

A typical well-preserved Ksar

Ksar El Khorbat is made out of mud. it is reached by an arcade-shaped doorway. It has a rectangular form that is crossed by a central street, from which various deadlocks are connected to the houses. The structures, which stand 14m in height, are composed of several floors with areas varying from 30 to 200m2. In addition to the regular public area, the Ksar has a mosque at the entrance. The entire structure is surrounded by a thick 12m high wall with 9 watchtowers.

Funded by the College of Technical Architects of Barcelona and various individual investors, El Khorbat Association for Heritage and Sustainable Development has been running the Ksar restoration initiative since 2002.

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Useful information

Did you know?

The Arabic name of Ksar El Khorbat (the ruins) indicates that it was founded by the Bani Maaqil Arabs, who arrived in the region beginning of the 13th century. In reality, the Ksar, Ferkla Oasis’s center, has gone through countless changes since its existence.

Always a subject place of conflict between the tribes of Ait Atta and Ait Merghad, the political dominance of the Ksar declines with the establishment of Tinejdad city under the protectorate in 1934. The Ksar is regaining its vivacity due to the growing ecotourism there.

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